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Our Community

A community is a social unit of any size that shares common values. It is a group or network of persons who are connected to each other by social relations. One of the child’s prominent advantages of being a part of a pre-school is the social interaction and learning to be self dependent.

The Morning Blossom community comprises of its Teachers, Administrators (including co-ordinators and support staff), Parents and the Children at the heart of them all.

A child’s first long term experience outside his home is in a pre-school. At Morning Blossom, it is our first priority to make the child feel comfortable with a home like environment while maintaining the discipline of a school. Here, the children are safe physically, emotionally and socially.

Morning Blossom believes that a child blossoms in a colourful and friendly environment. In the process, he starts discovering his skills and talents, learns to interact with others, to follow a schoolroom routine and to share. As we firmly believe in our motto that learning at Morning Blossom is fun and cool, we make it a point to ensure that our Morning Buds go back home with contented smiles.

Morning Blossom also believes that parents hold a vital role in the child’s education process. Parents are informed and also expected to participate in school activities. This gives a vivid picture of what their child has learnt, besides all the fun activities they have participated in. This also ensures a healthy relationship between the school and the parents, thus enabling and compelling the parents to express the view that learning at Morning Blossom is indeed ‘fun and cool’.

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