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Interview Practice

While montessori education and pre-school learning is very crucial to the growth of every individual child, parents are very anxious to see their wards continuing their primary and secondary education in the best schools of the city after they pass out of any Montessori environment.

Children at any of the Morning Blossom centres are fully prepared to face the interaction sessions and interviews that are conducted prior to admissions at any of these good schools across the city.

However, to prepare them even better and specifically to the kind of interviews that are conducted in specific schools, we at Morning Blossom conduct interview practice and mock sessions to ease the child of any first-time interview fright or jitters and make them absolutely comfortable and prepared for what they are going to face in a big school.

Our in-house inputs and frequent training assists these little buds to be well groomed to cater to the needs of main stream schools.

Further, our close association with a few leading schools of the city makes the transition of getting admitted to a primary school even easier and seamless if that school happens to be the choice of the parents, because they know that a child coming from a Morning Blossom centre needs no further test or interview!

Interview at morning blossom montessori house