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Parenting Tips

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Bringing up kids is probably one of the most rewarding experiences in life, but one of the most challenging. Since every child and every parent is unique, there are no formulaic ways of achieving success. However, there are some tips that parents could bear in mind to make life simpler.

We at Morning Blossom have tried to put together a set of tips that could help you develop a parenting style in creating the right foundation for your precious child.

  • Don't give up too early: Try different approaches and be prepared to try other things and be guided by the teacher. Sometimes it does work if you step back from the process.

  • Don't make school a negative experience: Don't use school as a punishment or talk negatively about school.

  • Don't show your own anxiety: The chances are your toddler will pick up on their parents anxiety. Parental anxiety is very normal especially if it is your first child and you have spent the last 2-3 years looking after them on a full-time basis. It will take you time to build trust with your child’s class teacher.

  • Positive Preparation: Talk about school positively to your toddler. Emphasize the fun they will have, the interesting things they will do and the new friends they will make. Show your child photos of the school and the teacher and of course take them on a visit to the school.

  • Choose the right pace for your child: Let the first few days be guided by your child. If your child is confident and independent, then starting school maybe straight forward and they may start without even a backward glance. For other children, you should be prepared to start slowly. At Preschool or Kindergarten, you have the luxury of taking things slowly – primary schools have different expectations as the children are older.

  • Have a contingency plan: Leave your mobile number with the teacher and ask them to get in touch via SMS / call to let you know what is happening.
  • Favourite toys and dummies: If your toddler has a comfort object then bring it along to school.

  • Maintain communication: Maintain good communication with the school and the classroom teacher. They will help, provide advice and give options to help your toddler settle in. A good parent-teacher partnership is one of the most important success factors in helping your child to settle.

  • Forming Friendships: Try and meet other parents and have play dates with children from the same class to help your child form some friendship groups outside of school hours.