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Assessment is a crucial part for evaluating the overall development of the child. Through indoor and outdoor activities, learning skills, levels of participation and varied interest, student knowledge levels are visualized and recorded. These observations extensively monitor the overall growth of the child.

Morning Blossom follows two kinds of assessments:

Formative assessment monitors the child’s everyday progress. This provides a continuous feedback to the teachers and parents about how well the child is progressing and how much additional instruction and practice is required. Each child’s progress is minutely observed, assessed and recorded and this information is shared with the parents as well.

Summative assessment measures how much a child has absorbed at a stipulated time. At Morning Blossom, assessments are taken between 3 terms in a year to monitor a child’s skills on manipulation of words, ideas and concepts. Written assessments are also taken to see if the child has acquired language, arithmetic and social skills.

Assessment in the Montessori sense means observing the child and paying close attention to his overall growth and development.
This also includes a one to one interaction and dialogue with the child while they are working on their assignments and projects.

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