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Blossom Kit

After admission to any Morning Blossom centre, the child is given an attractive ‘Blossom Kit’ which contains all the necessary ingredients that the child will require during the course of his time with us. The kit consists of various colourful items that the child will love to carry to school, which are all specially designed to enhance learning.

The colorful school bags are spacious and light, so that the child is not overburdened at any point of time. Books are divided into fewer pages to keep the bags light.

The school T-shirt is designed to promote equality among the children. We believe that the school T-shirt always develops a feeling of brotherhood and a spirit to perform in a team. It represents them as a part of the institution; therefore, we lay special emphasis on the dress code of each child. However, it is only worn on specified days to allow young toddlers to also enjoy the comfort and liberty of their home clothes at this age.

The identity card is also a very important component of the kit. The identity card along with the photograph of the child and stamped by the institution is the proof of an Morning Blossom child. Along with the identity card of the child, we also give an escort card keeping in mind the utmost security and safety of your child. Above this, we give special Id cards for the father and mother of every child who are privileged to visit the school with this Id proof and pick up their child without the escort card.

Effective communication is the key to understanding the development of your child at school. Keeping this in mind, our customized school dairy becomes a useful medium of communication between the teachers and parents.

The most essential component of the Blossom Kit is the set of books which adheres to the Morning Blossom way of unique education in a pre-school. Books should be your child’s best friend in life. Morning Blossom smoothly steers yours child in this direction through its customized educational books.

Along with the above-mentioned items, we also provide a few accessories and some stationary items in the kit for regular use.

It is always a pleasure to walk home with a Blossom Kit!

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