Best learning resources at morning blossom playgroup house

Learning Resources

Learning resources in any school plays a very vital role towards the child’s growth and education. Especially in a pre-school, it is their first exposure to the outside environment and beyond the comfort zone of their own homes. Therefore, it is pertinent that all the right ingredients are mixed in the education process for best results.

At Morning Blossom, we provide a balanced approach towards learning, where our little ones will learn while having fun. Curriculum ranges from interactive sessions and snack time to rhymes and fun time. All Morning Blossom centers are fully air-conditioned with all the rooms fitted with interactive smart boards. Children are given first hand knowledge through visuals and sound about various things beyond book and rote learning.

Our in-house designed curriculum and books are a unique combination of the Montessori and the Play-way method of pre-school education. All the apparatus and equipments used in any of the Morning Blossom schools are uniform, and adhere to Montessori education systems.

The classroom sessions are made interesting with various specially designed Learning Corners which become your child’s favourite hang-out places with passage of time. We teach children value education that goes beyond reading, writing and arithmetic. Outdoor play, sand pit, ball pool, playing with toys, listening to music and various activities with peers, develops the children’s motor skills and teaches them the art of sharing and discipline.

Creative art and craft, puppet theatre, festival celebrations, annual concerts and many other such activities makes the young and eager minds more dynamic and prepared to face the outside world in every sphere of life.

Well, you can say that the children completing all 4 stages of pre-school education at Morning Blossom are so well equipped that they are ready and geared up – ‘to take on the world’.

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